Saddleback Launched a Spanish Online Campus

Language is a barrier for those doing any type of online outreach. English is popular but it has limits. Three billion people are connected to the internet as of 2014 and the number is growing every second. Google Translate’s improvements are making language barriers less and less of an issue. Saddleback Church’s Online Campus took a first step in this area by launching a Spanish Online Campus. 

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 3.16.43 PM
The Spanish Online Campus didn’t launch fully replicating our English campus. I’m treating the launch like most church plants. The first six months is about offering a premium message in Spanish. In the first phase all the technical  bugs will be addressed (there are always bugs), build up a few volunteer teams, and learn in the process. The second six months is about launching small groups in Spanish online and in homes across the globe. 
The first phase is creating a venue for people to come to know God and the second phase is building a community. 

Additionally, the goal is to have a simple and straightforward template to offer an Online Campus in additional languages. 

Visit the campus at

2014 in a Singular Infographic

You can’t capture all the amazing things from the previous year in one image from Saddleback Church’s Online Campus, but I can try. 2015 is gearing up to be even more amazing! I’m most excited about our Extension strategy ramping up. I’ll share more soon.

Jay Kranda
Online & Extension Pastor
Saddleback Church


“Digital-Physical Mashups” by Darrell K. Rigby

digital-physical-mashupsI was stuck on a plane, so I read. Been there? I have a subscription to the Harvard Business Review, so I went into a knowledge acquiring bender. An article titled “Digital-Physical Mashups” by Darrell K. Rigby was challenging, insightful, and I want to recommend any online church leader to check it out.

Why? The market research of physical stores dealing with the importance of having an online store is comparable to physical churches dealing with properly leveraging an online church presence. I’m not saying it’s exactly the same, but there are correlations and learnings for online church leaders.

You can read part of the article here, but you will need to purhcase the access to see the full post (you should subscribe to HBR.ORG anyways).

Footnotes of “Digital-Physical Mashups
“The greatest barrier to adopting fusion strategies is not skepticism about their promise but inexperience with their execution.”

  • Rule #1 – Build your strategy around digital-physical fusion. It can be your new competitive edge.
  • Rule #2 – Add links and strengthen linkages in the customer experience.
  • Rule #3 – Transform the way you approach innovation.
  • Rule #4 – Organizational separation is just an interim step.
  • Rule #5 – Build a digical-savvy leadership team that includes the CEO.

There is so much here. Read the article. Let’s take the future wisely.

Don’t Make the Same Mistakes

Church online is approaching 10 years old. There are experts or at least people doing church online long enough to point your church in the right direction. History is suppose to help keep us from repeating the same mistakes. Don’t hesitate to reach out to another church. Ask the tough questions. Let’s not repeat the same mistakes, but help kickstart each others online outreach.

  • Sign up and watch the training at
  • Join the church online leaders Facebook Group (comment below to join)
  • Talk with as many church online leaders as possible

Paul said it best in 1 Corinthians 15:33 “Bad company corrupts good character.” You can reverse the verse and say, “Good company creates good character”, which I believe will lead to a powerful church online outreach. Let’s not repeat bad history.

So, what is your next step? Let’s connect.