3 Platforms Essential for Being Called a Church Online

Church is not a service. Church is a not a building. Church is much more than a couple songs, a message, and a meet-and-greet on the patio. This why if you have a “Church Online” you need to offer more than a stream of your service.

I’m not here to argue about what is essential and not essential for the church, but I believe the church is a place for people to come to know God and live for God by living out the “Great Commandment” (Matthew 22) and “Great Commission” (Matthew 28). Matthew 22 and Matthew 28 says the individual believer, later reaffirmed by Paul as the church’s responsibility to oversee, is called to honor God with their entire lives (Worship), connect with other believers (Fellowship), go deeper in their faith (Discipleship), serve others in love (Ministry), and share their faith (Evangelism).

I said all that before to get to my main point. Church online boils down to three platforms:

1. Worship Center Experience > church online service >  Worship & Ministry

2. Living Room Experience > small group platform > Fellowship

3. Training Arena > online learning platformDiscipleship & Evangelism

Think beyond a stream and start thinking of how you can do biblical “church” through an online church service as an entry point.

1. Purpose Driven Church by Rick Warren
2. Small Groups with Purpose by Steve Gladen.
3. Churchonlineleaders.com

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Add a Personal Video with Each Template Email

Automate, automate, and automate!

Automation doesn’t replace the personal call, but it can help get the right resources in the hands of someone watching a service online right away (read > “Automate Your Initial Follow Up to Scale Up Easily) when linked with your next step buttons on your online experience page (read >”What’s Next After Joe Lands on Your Website?).

We added new videos to each of our next buttons on our online church experience. I love these videos because they are clear, short, and can be watch immediately after the person inputs their email address. This means I can pitch what living for Christ is all about right after the online attender indicated they made a step to follow Christ through a video in the confirmation email. I want to highly suggest shooting your own videos and insert them into your template emails. You need to make sure your form system has an confirmation email option and allows for you to use html in the email settings.

You have my permission to copy anything.


Sample Template Email for “Committing Your Life to Christ”:

We are excited to hear you said yes to Christ! We know this is all new for you, but we are here to help you along the way of figuring out what it means to be a follower of Jesus. Following Jesus is not just a prayer, but a way of life. We are praying for you and this new journey you are starting right now.

Step 1 – Read this again & if you didn’t pray it to God “I accept I’m not God, I believe Jesus sacrificed himself on the cross for me, and I’m deciding at this moment to put Christ first in my life” (Romans 3:236:235:810:13)

Step 2 – Find out if a Saddleback Church is near youStart a Small Group in Your HomeJoin an Online Small Group, or Start an Online Group

Step 3 – Explore these Resources
First Steps to Spiritual Growth by Pastor Rick
You Were Shaped for Ministry
How to Find a Church 

Do you have any questions about this decision? Want to talk? I’m here to help.

Jay Kranda
Online Campus Pastor
Saddleback Church


Sample Template Email for “Getting Connected”:


2 Easy Ways To Get into Community

1. Find out if there is a Saddleback Church campus near you!

2. If you are not close to any campus you still can be part of Saddleback Church

a. Join an existing group in your area or an online group that meets on a browser

b. Start a group in your home, workplace, or online on a browser

Have any questions? Let me know.

Jay Kranda
Online Campus Pastor
Saddleback Church


Sample Template Email for “Prayer Request”:


Our Prayer Team of over 100 people pray over each request. Your privacy will be protected, but if you want to talk in more detail about your request let me know.

“Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always” 1 Chronicles 16:11

Urgent Request Call: 949-609-8599

Jay Kranda
Online Campus Pastor
Saddleback Church