The Best Expression of Community is The Goal for Church Online

We always strive for the best expression of anything. If I get a choice between watching “Gravity” in High Definition (HD) or in Standard Definition I will always choose HD. I would choose HD because I have experienced HD and know the quality is superior.

The best expression of living out our faith is the example of Christ. Nobody strives for the life of the thief on the cross. The thief next to Jesus barely made it into eternity with Christ with seconds to spare.

Church online is all about reaching people who have never experienced the best expression of what it means to follow Christ. The church online target audience hasn’t experienced life with Christ in HD, but is still watching things in Standard Definition.

Church online is the biggest outreach of the past hundred years, but I’m well aware of the best expression. This is why Saddleback Church encourages people watching online to gather friends and family to watch services together and start small groups where life can be shared together. Saddleback Church’s online outreach has the best expression of living for Christ at the end of the funnel.

Reach people where they are at and bring them to where they need to be as Jesus did.

Selfish People Fail on Social Media

Selfish people fail on social media. You can push, promote, and sell all you want on Facebook and Twitter, but selfish tactics don’t win. Social media is about relationships. Healthy relationships are not selfish at their core, but selfless. The secret to social media: treat other people the way you want to be treated.

I have had the luxury for the last five years to work in the non-profit and profit arenas doing social media, church online, and other online ventures. I decided to gather some of my learnings in an eBook.

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Selfish people fail on social media. Learn how to not fail
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FREE Training Resource

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 1.40.07 PM is a new resource launching July 15th.

I’m a little bias because I’m part of the teaching sessions, but the entire teaching team is top of the class. If you are currently doing church online or are thinking about doing a church online you NEED to use this resource.

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Conversion Rates Are Not Only for Stock Brokers

I watch conversion rates weekly. I’m not a stock broker. I’m not a CPA. I pastor an online campus at a church.

The conversion rate I monitor is the percentage of weekly users (formerly known as unique visitors) who watch our online services for 30 minutes.


I watch this statistic because it reveals how compelling a service is and helps our team shape future online experiences.

Growth happens two ways for our online church:
1. Acquire more users
2. Retain more users

You grow an online church through marketing strategies, but you retain those new visitors through a robust online experience and healthy connection strategy.

People will visit almost anything once, but to keep a person is the real trick.

Do you know your conversion rate?